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This Time It'll Be Different...

I wasn't able to see it before. A mistake, but of the best kind, is becoming emotionally dependent on someone. My “drug” of choice is my twisted definition of Love, substituting infatuation for trust and genuine care. I can not begin to explain what it is like to slowly rebuild your life after a major part of it has been stripped away. Dealing with a romantic obsession and the constant temptation to be pulled back into a world that emotionally and mentally drains you. This pain - only temporarily soothed by empty promises of "This Time It'll Be Different…"

My photographs in this series include intimate self portraits, evocative still life images and photos of text messages. My influences are various photographers who have chosen to foreground the content of their personal lives from Nan Goldin, Tierney Gearon, Elinor Carucci and Allen Frame.

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