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Is This Enough Space?

2020 came and knocked the wind out of many of us. While watching the news, I found myself in a constant state of sadness and disbelief. The alarming number of deaths due to this new virus, alongside watching senseless acts of murder occur on camera was too much to bear for many. While the Coronavirus is a new battle we are facing, the social injustices and unfair treatment that people of color face, has been a part of our story for much longer than any of us have been alive.

Unfortunately, it took seeing the death of George Floyd on video to reignite the desperation for accountability, for equality, for change. Many left the safety of their homes in the middle of a pandemic, just to gather together in protest demanding what should already be a given right to us all. The right to sleep in our homes (Breonna Taylor), the right to go for a jog (Ahmaud Arbery), the right to breathe (George Floyd). Black & Brown people are not asking for special treatment, we're seeking equality for ALL. We're asking for the color of our skin to not be viewed as a prerequisite for crime, or as a valid excuse to be treated unjustly. We are simply asking for the right to live.

"Is This Enough Space?" is a conglomerate of work showcasing what happens when a community of people have stayed calm in the fire for too long. It highlights the fear, the truth, the demand for respect and the opportunity to teach each other. It also sheds light on the beautiful, hopeful side of seeing people from all walks of life gather in one accordance for basic human rights. These images portray the importance of holding onto your beliefs and looking for the beauty and the signs of hope in the midst of all the darkness. Love & faith is the foundation that can keep us all grounded and guide us to a better tomorrow.

Change starts with a conversation, let's talk.

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