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Front Room

“The living room is basically the heart of the home. It's the room that ties families together; the one mutual ground. It's also where families come together to talk, laugh, and spend quality time with one another but our family rarely does that because for the most part, we stay to ourselves. Front Room is the place in the home that just doesn't matter. We acknowledge that "room" as there but we don’t spend much time there, we bypass it, like we bypass each other, always on the go.”

This work is an exploration of the discordance within a family, highlighting the distance and subdued tension regarding each subject. It is a depiction of the transition between being affectionate to being reclusive, as well as the delicate balance in which they coincide with one another. Front Room, in its entirety is a display of both a façade of "family life" and the portrayal of reality.

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